Adjustable Dampers for your Jaguar

Spax have over 60 years experience developing upgraded dampers for Classic Jaguars
Providing tuned shock absorbers used by the worlds leading Jaguar Restorers & Race Prep Mechanics

From our origins Spax has had a tremendous affinity with Jaguar. XK-120 & XK-140 drivers were the first to benefit from adjustable Spax dampers which were immediately adopted to improve handling and roadholding.

When the E-Type was launched, almost from day one customers chose fit Spax as upgrades to OE and this tradition has continued right up to the present, further down this page we show a small selection of the thousands of Spax equipped Jaguars on the road today, many professional restorers utilise our dampers and there are plenty of examples of Concours vehicles shod with "G" shocks, starting with the ubiquitous G841 and, nowadays with our latest developed fixed and adjustable springseat designs.

It took 5 years for Jaguar Engineers to develop their first generation Jaguar IRS, which firmly established the marque's reputation for suspension sophistication, combining as it did smooth ride with excellent roadholding and low levels of noise, vibration, and harshness. Spax engineers immediately further improved the independently sprung wheels, which were damped by employing four coilover spring and damper units, attached to the crossbeam, by making adjustable damping performance units available in order that quick and easy race set-up could be achieved. The IRS design employed smaller springs to save space and Spax, with our exceptional stroke to closed length ratio, was ideally suited to squeeze the maximum performance from the new suspesnion architecture.

Our range includes catalogued items proven to upgrade suspension performance in a range of jags, from the XK-120 to the XJ12. Choose to fit our proven "swap-out" shock absorbers and discover the difference to handling and performance available

  • Spax "G" Dampers are Krypton Gas pressurised which minimises damper fade, allowing the shocks to be worked harder and stay responsive for far longer than OE
  • Tune your suspension using the 28 stages of damping response adjustment available with every Spax damper which allows drivers to individually set up their own suspension set-up
  • You'll be in good company using Spax, some of the world's most reknowned restorers employ our dampers and they're fitted to some of the world's most prestigious Classic Jaguars
  • Jaguar themselves have recently commenced a programme to manufacture 25 examples of their iconic Le Mans-winning D-types, the latest in their hand built Continuation series and we're proud to have worked with this famous marqure to supply authentic, high performance shock absorbers for these wonderful cars

  • Twyford Motors have documented a remarkable restoration of a beautiful XK-140. You can discover the whole story by clicking on the pictures above. Naturally, for the ultimate XK-140 makeover they chose Spax Dampers to ensure this car will handle every bit as good as it looks!


    There is a reason why so many Jaguars have Spax Yellow Dampers as part of their suspension and we're proud to acknowledge that it's because our shocks have been chosen by customers over more than 60 years as they seek the perfect set-up for their pride and joy. When buying Spax products you benefit from years of tried and trusted experience, proven designs that have been developed and improved upon year on year - which other damper manufacturer can offer more?

    Unlike some of our competitors we have our own factory, in Bicester, manufacturing to exacting TuV standards. We don't sub-contract our production from overseas and can offer industry leading one week production leadtimes. Quality inspectors monitor every stage of the production process. Spax dampers are manufactured to meticulous standards to produce winning performance straight from the box.


    Whether it's a damper designed specifically from our TrakSpax range, or supplied off the shelf from our catalogue, Spax dampers are all on-car adjustable to provide tuned suspension set-up. It doesn't matter if you use Spax on the road or the track, the quality, performance, roadholding and driver confidence will all be upgraded from original equipment. Drivers can tune handling and suspension response to the prevailing conditions and their driving style.

    Taking your car onto the track? For serious racing Spax have an unmatched pedigree, if you are looking to be sure footed and need to rely on the best set-up for your car then our Double Adjustable TrakSpax offer fantastic performance and excellent value for money, we'll ask for your Corner Weights and Spring Rates and then valve the dampers to provide a range of damping response to enable you to perfectly set up for track and driver.

    We know just how much of an improvement drivers notice once Spax Adjustables have been fitted, the car will drive, stop, corner & handle better than ever! The real pleasure is when customers let us know how happy they are with the demonstrable difference they've experienced, and we can point you in the direction of many documented examples of cars which have been restored and then improved, by the most meticulous mechanics, with the specification of Spax adjustables

    Upgrade, Adjustable, Shock Absorbers Providing the Perfect Set-Up for your Car

    We're proud to provide an exceptional price / performance package for replacement, on-car adjustable, shocks which can be tuned to provide optimum car / driver / contitions / driving style configuration. Gas pressurising minimises damper fade, provides a broader performance envelope & increased low speed response and feel. Suspension set-up can then be quickly and easily adapted to suit changing circumstances.

    All the cars shown below benefit from being fitted with Spax Suspension, the owners, restorers and mechanics that specified our shocks ensure that these magnificent cars will hold the road superbly

    Paul Mellenger Restored E-Type

    $70,000 Restoration

    Fully restored by Paul Mellenger at LoneStar Vintage Restoration

    Spax G-series swap our upgrade adjustable dampers

    Spax "G" Dampers

    A comprehensive range of adjustable shocks, these G448's fit the rear of a V12 E-Type

    Concours 1959 JAGUAR XK150 3.4 SE DROP HEAD COUPE with Spax shocks sold at auction for premium price

    Highest Standards

    When the car is prepared for the most discerning buyer - choose Spax!

    1961 Jaguar MKII 3.8 FIA registered with Spax racing dampers

    FIA Approved

    Authentic steel dampers, comply with historic racing regs, we're proud so many customers insist on Spax

    Series II E Type Roadster

    Total Control

    That feeling, sitting here! Spax will ensure brilliant roadholding



    Spax Coilovers & carefully selected Racing Springs provide the performance needed

    1960 XK150 Disc Brakes and Spax Dampers


    Early XK's suffered from brake fade, disc brakes & Spax dampers provide solution

    1957 Borgward Hansa Pullman restored with Spax Shocks

    Ex Sultan of Brunei

    1963 Series 1 Roadster, "recognised as an example of unique quality"

    1965 JAGUAR E-TYPE Series 1 4.2  £100k car with spax shocks

    Perfect E-Type

    Spax Dampers are employed giving handling and performance to first class restorations

    Historic Regs approved Steel Adjustable Dampers


    XK120 with Authentic Steel Double Adjustable Racing Shocks comply with Historic Regs


    Spax G Shocks

    A flash of Spax Yellow: this E-Type shod with Catalogued Spax Shocks


    It Works!

    We don't just do "standard"; We'll help you reach your goals!


    Spax Worldwide

    Our global network of dealers supply customers wherever they're located

    1974 JAGUAR E TYPE SERIES III V12 OTS ROADSTER fitted with Spax

    Command Respect

    When the best cars are sold at auction, discerning owners demand the best parts


    The Best: Better

    Restored: With Pride & Spax: Superb cars that handle beautifully


    Winning Team

    Striving for the Podium, we're determined to help you get there!


    Our Catalogue

    XJS? Our G501 and G502 are made for it! A respected, proven solution


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    Jaguar XK140 DHC full restoration Twyford Moors using spax dampers

    Twyford Moors

    See how enormously skilled craftsmen accomplish the complete restoration process

    Gorgeous Mk 2 Jag with Spax Shocks

    Under the Skin

    Iconic looks, enhanced with Spax Technology. Enjoy!


    Performance Build

    We've a long and honourable racing pedigree ensuring winning performance


    Bespoke Solution

    When you need a unique solution to provide suspension for your project

    Spax KSX Custom Telescopic Damper

    KSX Telescopics

    Spax KSX Customer Specified Telescopic Dampers


    Made in Britain

    Just like the cars you cherish Spax Dampers are made in the UK


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    Spax Performance Ltd.

    Spax patented on car adjustable shock absorbers and have been supplying upgraded suspension to Manufacturers, Race Teams, Restorers and Enthusiasts since the 1960's. Our global network of OEM's, dealers and specialist mechanics supply on-car adjustable dampers to upgrade original equipment and help accurately tune suspension, allowing our customers to drive with increased confidence on the roads, and win on the track. Spax dampers are all designed and hand-built, to meticulous standards, by our loyal and experienced workforce in Oxfordshire, England. We take pride in the fact that everything we manufacture is made by our own craftsmen, with stringent quality checks at every stage of manufacture.

    Winning Performance

    On the track it's winning that counts. There's nothing like the feeling when you've pulled out all the stops to beat your previous best and it's all the sweeter when you're in front of the competition. We help our customers realise their dream season after season, and we look forward to supplying your track competition dampers to improve your personal bests

    Made in Britain

    We are proud to be manufacturing in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Our loyal workforce have been with us for years, honing their skills to design and hand-build the best dampers available for a most competitive price. We don't rely on offshore supply chains and we don't sub-contract manufacture, we can guarantee integrity, and quality, of supply

    Bespoke Dampers

    We can supply dampers to your specifications, please take a look at our Custom Shocks website for further information