Custom Racing Shocks and Coilover Dampers

Spax offer a range of shock absorbers suitable for competition at all levels from TrackDay and Clubman use to Professional Competition. Unlike many of our competitors, Spax catalogued product is single adjustable as standard (provides 28 stages of on-car rebound/bump adjustment) and many privateers and teams use Gas Pressurised Spax G and TA adjustables out of the box to improve their racecar suspension. Those competitiors who seek to gain advantage through significant upgrades to their handling, roadholding and performance opt for custom built CSX Coilover or KSX Telescopic Dampers.

The most serious drivers choose TrakSPAX competition dampers to enhance performance and drop lap times! Benefiting from our many decades of motor racing pedigree TrackSpax are bespoke dampers, custom designed and manufactured for individual cars - valved to your supplied corner weights and motion ratio - offering exceptional stroke to length ratio, ease of use and tremendous value. Our designers have produced this range of tarmac racing shock absorbers to be available in either Aircraft Grade Aluminium or Steel.

TrakSpax can be configured as either Single or Double Adjustable (Bump and Rebound settings), with quick and accurate on car adjustment and a customer specified Single Adjustable ratio which our technicians can alter on damper service / rebuild.

The Positive Pressure System used on all our current generation TrakSPAX dampers allows the shocks to operate without gas pressure. The absence of gas pressure has the following advantages over high gas pressurised mono tubes:

  • Increased sensitivity of the shock absorber (decreases the force required to initiate piston movements)
  • Allows the use of stiffer springs due to zero nose force
  • Does not affect the ride height due to gas pressure
  • Is historic race regulation friendly (steel body, no remote canister)

  • Incorporating both the bump and rebound control into our valve block enables us to produce a very compact damper and eliminates the need to accommodate a bump adjuster in an external canister. This design also provides extended amounts of stroke for relative damper length.

    High Quality, Tested Product

    Unlike some of our competitors we have our own factory, in Bicester, manufacturing to exacting TuV standards. We don't sub-contract our production from overseas and can offer industry leading one week production leadtimes. Quality inspectors monitor every stage of the production process. Spax motorsport dampers are manufactured to meticulous standards to produce winning performance straight from the box.

    Aircraft Grade Aluminium Bodied model gives excellent weight savings over traditional steel bodied dampers, although we retain Steel Body provision for those Historic Race Series where regulations demand authentic shocks.

    Join a winning team! 60 years Motorsport experience breeds a racing pedigree you can rely on. With Spax our team is an extension of yours, every TrakSpax damper is serviceable by our technicians and they can be re-valved, if required, as you develop and upgrade your cars. .

    TrakSpax offers 100% independent adjustment of rebound and bump (28 stages of adjustment for both), each damper is individually valved based on your corner weight and motion ratio figures.

    The ability to simply and accurately tune suspension to achieve the perfect settings for car, driver and conditions is enabled by turning the two knobs (Blue for Bump, and Red for Rebound), a positive click system means that the number of turns can easily be recorded and specific settings can quickly be repeated.

    Some race series do not allow Double Adjustment and, on request, we can supply TrakSpax dampers with Single Adjustment, setting valving with rebound:bump ratios of 1:1 up to 6:1. The majority of track users will require 3:1 however we have the solution to cater for you if you are drag-racing or competing in trial sections

    TrakSpax are the pinnacle of Spax Motorsport Design, a wider bodied damper made to measure and incorporating your choice of top and bottom fixings, springseat diameter, valving, body and stroke lengths.

    As well as the professional TrakSpax range we also offer both the CSX (coilovers) and KSX (telescopic dampers) ranges, both great value for money; these upgraded single adjustable shocks are used worldwide in hill climbs, regulation rallies, historic motorsport, clubman and trackday racing. .

    Motorsport Dampers from Spax

    If you're looking for your competitive advantage then keeping the tyres in contact with the tarmac certainly helps!

    Our coilovers and telescopic shocks have been specifically designed to give you the edge.


    Spax have 60 years Racing Pedigree & TrakSpax Dampers represent the pinnacle of affordable competition shocks


    Racing Struts

    Our RSX single adjustable kits are designed to fit a range of performance cars to dramatically improve stability


    Improved Handling

    Spax have designed dampers to be competitive when racing at all levels, and in cars old and new!



    We're here as an extension of your team, we're proud that so many customers insist on Spax season after season


    Built to Last

    We build shocks every day to upgrade dampers fitted to every vintage and class of race car.


    RSX Coilovers

    Using Spax Coilovers & carefully selected Racing Springs RSX Kits are ideal for Trackday use & Clubman Racing


    Not Just Familiar

    We supply suspension upgrades for every type of car, give us a call on 01869 244 771


    Le Mans Racer

    Jeremy Rossiter, founder of Spax, competing at Le Mans


    Aluminium TrakSpax

    Our lightweight aluminium dampers offer exception stroke to length ratio


    Using Standard Spax

    Many Renault Alpine customers successfuly race on standard Spax single adjustable G dampers


    Spax Catalogue

    Racing using single adjustable coilover kit from the Spax Catalogue


    CSX Coilovers

    Single adjustable Spax CSX Coilovers, built to your specifications...


    Worldwide Presence!

    Our global network of dealers & specialist mechanics supply our customers wherever they're located



    Our adjustable dampers provide our customers with the ability to fine tune their suspension set-up


    Bespoke Coilovers

    A Tiger Blyton racing hard, shod with Spax CSX Coilover Shocks


    Steel Shocks

    Spax TrakSpax racing shocks are available in all steel for those historic series which insist on authentic dampers


    Lotus Elise

    Fitted with Spax Coilovers, we'll work with you to provide the ideal suspension set-up



    We've been working with Mallock for years, they're always a popular choice!


    Bespoke DA Shocks

    Our consultancy engineering service develops complete solutions to your specifications


    1970 Jovis

    Jovis Formula Libre 1970 running Spax Coilover Racing Shocks